What we do

We are video content creators.

Our team of video creatives will work closely with your brand or agency in extracting all key ideas that you’d like included in the video. From there, the production process will commence and soon after you’ll have your product, service, sales pitch or story in the form of an engaging and professional video.

Keep things engaging

Video has fast become one of the most useful and engaging tools in the digital world. Equating for a large portion of marketing material on the internet today, the need to tell one’s story through video has never been greater.

We apply a creative process to transform content from concept through to production and delivery with a finish that will leave a lasting impressing on your audience. Our work helps organisations of all sizes to communicate innovation and futuristic design by extracting the detail inside your head and converting it into a succinct, clear and engaging visual message.

Our team will fully immerse themselves in the work that’s produced whilst ensuring that our clients will always receive transparency and remain informed throughout the entire process.

Long, Short, Fast or Slow ... there’s never a video to which we’ll say no!

Why Fizz Farm?

  • 35+ years of hands-on experience with various brands and companies
  • Passionate team dedicated to planning, writing, producing, editing and delivering videos
  • Focused on content that integrates with the customer journey; ensuring that all strategic points have been addressed
  • Creators of premium-quality videos suited for all marketing and sales purposes
  • Perfect for large and small enterprises
  • Videos perfect for YouTube, Social Media Channels, Websites and all types of digital screens
  • Melbourne-based (all work is performed in Australia – never overseas)


To see how we work closely with our clients in order to materialise their idea and produce high-quality video content, view Our Services.