5 Reasons why video is more engaging than text

In a world which is hugely lead by trends, we’ve learnt that if you’re not swimming, then chances are, you’re sinking. This idiom holds true in a wide range of circumstances and creating engaging content through video is not an exception.

Using video for a marketing sense and trying to tell one’s story or sell one’s product has never been more powerful. In fact, according to IdeaRocket, if a photo is worth 1,000 words, then a one-minute video must be worth 1.8 million words:

  • 1 photo = 1000 words
  • Video shot at 30 frames/second = 30,000 words/second
  • 60-second video = 1.8 million words.

So then, how does this translate into the text vs. video battle?

When considering the multitude of dimensions that can come across in video such as sound, motion picture and still picture, you can truly appreciate the types of benefits that come about as a result of using video.

And what are these benefits exactly?

1. Use of emotion

When using a video to tell a company’s story, there is a great deal of emotion that can be used and reading black words on a white background can only convey so much of it. Through the use of video, however, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Thanks to the accompaniment of sound and special effects, the producer can craft just about any type of feeling in a video. Whether you’re trying to inform, scare, entertain or inspire your audience, the producer will create that exact emotion.

2. Keeping things brief

Quite often, many readers will lose interest in an article purely because it’s too long. When a writer is attempting to get across every-single-detail, it can take a while to finish reading. As a means a streamlining this process and getting straight to the point, video can be used to tell many messages in a much shorter (and effective) period of time.

3. Great for making tutorials

Have you ever seen any of the Tasty or How To videos before? These types of tutorial videos are highly addictive and incredibly easy to digest. Creating a simple tutorial video through not only makes it more entertaining for your customers, but chances are that they’ll require less help with what they’re doing!

4. You can relate to it

There is no better way to market a product than to have your audience feel as though they can relate to the problem and then embrace the solution (which is what you’re offering). By using video, you can creatively make this process happen. As we described above, there are certain effects, sounds or scenes that can be used which will all evoke particular feelings. This is what an effective video needs to do in order to be able to ‘speak’ to the audience.

5. It’s simple!

Even though creating your own videos may not be the simplest task if you’re not sure what to do, there is always someone more qualified out there. If your goal is to share your brand’s personality through Instagram stories or Facebook Live, then a simple camera phone will be perfect. If, however, you have larger ambitions and wish to share your story or promote your service/products across various mediums and platforms, then perhaps finding someone to create the video will be the most suitable option.

Finding a high-quality video producer to help grow your company is a very sensible decision to make. This is especially so if your plan is to advertise online. Did you also know that Social media and video viewing are the two most popular online activities? (Smart Insights, 2018).

So then, now that you’re aware of just how effective video can be in creating engaging content, it’s time to start creating! Feel free to test out your skills and see what types of videos you can come up with. If you’re having any difficulties, then our team of professional video makers will always be ready to help!

For more information on how we can help you to tell your story or make your services come alive through video, feel free to give Fizz Farm Content Agency a call on (03) 9988 7736 today!

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  1. So true! With Facebook and Instagram now competing for our attention like Television, there has never been a time in history that video is more relevant.

  2. Brendan Keenan

    Cheers Fred,
    Screens are everywhere. Delivering content to the location that best suits the individual is the new standard. B

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