Our Services

The journey of taking an idea, shaping it and turning it in a video which is in line with your company’s messaging and branding begins here.

What are our videos best suited to?

  • Tutorial videos
  • Enterprise communication
  • Perfect for large or small businesses
  • Product awareness
  • Facebook marketing videos
  • Videos suited for YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Wistia
  • Sales videos
  • Company messaging

Types of videos we produce

People on camera

This involves shooting live footage without the use of animation to tell your story. People on camera is an effective way for conveying a true story, documentaries and tutorials.


The use of animation in video has the potential to create highly-engaging content. Animation doesn’t necessarily mean cartoons and stick figures; it can be anything from a 2D or 3D representation of bringing your concept to life.

People on camera + animation

Combining the two types of video production is a way in which you can creatively transform your ideas, so they remain interesting and intriguing to the viewer. An example could be when you have a person on camera explaining a product or service, and the background is constantly changing with various animations.

Our Production Journey

First, pre-production

  • Our team meets your team
  • Your idea is taken and developed into a concept
  • We work on the script and get ready to produce!

Next, we start producing

  • We work on ensuring all talent, locations and logistics are organised
  • It’s now all about lights, cameras and action!
  • Our talented graphic designers will prepare any extra elements.

Post-production procedures

  • The editors will start to shape your story
  • You’ll have an opportunity to provide some feedback
  • Professional voice talent will be recorded at the studio
  • We throw in animation, graphics and visual effects to spice things up
  • You’ll have another chance to review everything so far.

And voila! It’s time for delivery

  • The final colour and sound touches are added to your video
  • You’ll sign off on the final version
  • Your new video will be sent to you and ready for the world to view!

Easy four step production process explained...