The 3 must-haves for creating an awesome video

When planning a video, there are THREE key fundamental principles which should be included in order to make it effective. By neglecting even one of these core components, your video could end up with more ‘thumb-downs’ than ‘thumb-ups’ on YouTube.

So, what are these 3 must-haves for creating an awesome video? Before continuing on, we’re going to assume that a few basics have already been sorted. These include: ensuring that your video is of high-quality production, the content in your video isn’t offensive and that your video isn’t too long and drawn-out.

Ok then, now that you’ve got the basics sorted, it’s time to get into the specifics.

1. Keep your message clear!

There is no worse feeling than having to watch a one- or two-minute video and then by the end of it realising that you’ve not understood anything that just happened. Perhaps you’ll give it a second chance with possibly little to no chance of understanding it any better.

A large problem with a lot of videos is that some producers find it difficult to know how much messaging should be included. When preparing a video, one should want to ensure that all key ideas were included as to avoid unsureness in the viewer’s mind. The issue with this approach is that when we overload a video with information, it’s almost just as effective as writing 30-page long instruction booklet and hoping that someone will read it from start to end.

Once a viewer starts to feel bored or confused this is generally when they’re reaching the ‘danger zone’ and may possibly boycott the video. The idea is to make sure that you’re not trying to include too many important things in the one video. If you feel that you’re packed with ideas and that it’s necessary to put them all into video, then perhaps try running a mini video series to get the message across most effectively.

2. Keep it minimal

Minimalism is another core component to making a great video which many people often forget to include. It’s unfortunate, but most of us have developed a mind where we believe that more is better. Just like with many other things in life, ‘more is better’ has no place in videos. Instead, try to reduce the number of special effects, scenes and props and focus on creating a video that is simple but effective.

Having a minimalistic approach to video production doesn’t mean cutting out the sound and shooting in black and white like a brilliant Charlie Chaplin film, but it does mean controlling the number of distractions that can occur. The idea is to keep your viewer focused on the key messaging, so once you’ve figured out how to do that, go ahead and remove anything that takes away from it. After all, it’s true what they say – less is more.

3. Keep the eyes on screen

Creating video content that is minimal and has all the right messaging is an almost-perfect video. What’s missing now is the way in which we’re going to keep the viewer’s eyes on the content and away from the ‘x’ in the corner of the browser.

Creating engaging video content is the number one must-have in all videos. If your video is not engaging, you could potentially lose a lot of viewers. In order to add interest and improve the viewing experience, it’s essential that your content is working in a way that is keeping your audience interested. Ways to make engaging videos can range from telling a story, using inspiring music, adding credibility and also creating an enticing hook – Facebook actually discovered that 45% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will keep watching it for at least 30 seconds. This means that the initial 3-seconds is crucial for trying to maintain an audience.

Now that you’re aware of the 3 must-haves in your next video, it’s time to start creating. A great way to start would be to choose three videos that you enjoy watching most. Once you’ve thought of them, analyse each one and pick them apart. When doing this, always keep in mind messaging, minimalism and engagement. Try to see what they’re doing and discover what makes their video so great … you can then try this out in your own videos!

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