Why Brand Alignment Plays a Large Role in Video Content Marketing

The idea of using video to share your products, services or story with your customers is becoming more popular each year. Within this growing trend, there are still many companies that are neglecting to ensure that content in the video is aligned with their brand.

The idea of ensuring that your brand’s messaging and direction come across in your video will avoid leaving your brand open to a variety of interpretations and customisations. Your brand should be focused on building loyalty, trust and awareness with its customers and so creating a great video which doesn’t incorporate these key values won’t be that effective.

In order to help guarantee that you are getting the most out of your marketing videos, it’s important to consider four important factors that help contribute to brand alignment; continuity, familiarity, consistency and security.

Continuity in your marketing videos

The main idea behind incorporating continuity in your marketing videos is to ensure that the customer is receiving the same experience via video that they would in all your other forms of marketing. If your company is customer service based and transmits this messaging brilliantly into imagery and text on the website, it’s critical that this feeling is also transmitted via video. By including brand continuity in your videos, it’ll ensure that your business continues gaining the marketing visibility, image and competitive edge that it needs.

Keeping it familiar

When planning your next set of company videos, it’ll be good to first figure out the familiar message that your audience will be exposed to. Did you know that as consumers are repeatedly exposed to certain stimuli, chances are that over time they will end up a developing a preference for them? When we take this concept and apply it to videos, it’s important to first identify the feeling, action or response that you want the viewer to have and then replicate this anticipated outcome in your future videos.

Consistency is key

Consistency in video marketing mainly refers to ensuring that your business’s messaging, branding and style is transmitted in the video. You’ll also want to provide your intended audience with a consistent style of videos, so they’ll be able to connect them to your brand. By creating the same ‘feel’ or style in your videos, it’ll help the consumer to make the connection to your brand whenever they see your new videos. Many companies make the mistake of showing their brand in a different way when using videos and this will quite often confuse their customers. For this reason, it’s essential to remain consistent across all forms of marketing and advertising.

Making a trustworthy brand

If your company places a large emphasis on demonstrating to its customers that it is a trustworthy company, then this same messaging will also need to be included in your videos. Creating a marketing video and hoping that the customer will feel a sense of trust is a great recipe for disaster. Instead, one should take pragmatic steps in ensuring that all the fundamental values which make a company trustworthy are included in their video. Other ways of doing this may be to include snippets of satisfied customers in your videos or even showing how the company can work together within a community or members of the public. The way this message will be delivered will all depend on the type of product or service that you’re offering.

Extra thought and care should also be taken when utilising the brand’s fonts and messaging. A slight difference in the font or even a grammatical error could lead the viewer into thinking that the video is a potential scam.

Did you know that some of the larger banks in Australia require the video content to be passed through seven different departments for sign-off before it can be used?

Now that you’re aware of the importance of including brand alignment in your videos, it’s time to start putting your knowledge to the test. Try not to treat video any differently from the other forms of communication that you market to your consumers. Video has vast amounts of possibilities when it comes to creatively and effectively conveying all types of brand messaging, so ensure that you explore all imaginable ways to do so!

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