Why Video Marketing is the Future of the Digital World

It’s no secret that the way video is used in a content marketing sense is on the rise. Just to put it all into perspective, did you know that YouTube has now made its way into the second largest search engine on the internet?

Companies from all around the globe are now starting to embrace video. In fact, according to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. Video marketing being the future of the digital world seems as though it’s already begun!

All these stats around video sound amazing but what are the reasons that make video such a powerful marketing tool? Continue reading below as we explore a few of them.

Increased consumer attention

Consumers generally have a short attention span for things that don’t seem interesting to them. The idea of using video to catch the consumer’s attention has been proven to be much more effective than text or images purely because of the mode of delivery. Video has the ability to take the viewer on an entire journey within a short amount of time. The content is generally easy to digest, and so much can be conveyed within minimal viewing time.

It pleases Google

Did you know that, according to Moovly, your business is 53 times more likely to appear first on Google if you have video embedded on your website? Now then, video is not the only factor that will influence your rankings, but it’s definitely an important one. Google’s reasoning behind this is that they want to give users of their search engine the best possible experience. Google has identified that consumers are more likely to engage with video than other content and so when their algorithms are processing hundreds of millions of websites, preference is given to those that contain video.

Increased conversion rates

Having a simple video on your website, landing page or social media channel can significantly increase the chances of a potential customer completing a specific action such as a purchase, form submission or making a call. By integrating video, you can essentially help to build your brand’s trust and make the customer feel more comfortable.

Video appeals to mobile users

Following the right trends in digital marketing is key to succeeding. At the moment, two of the largest trends are; digesting content through mobile devices and video streaming. Creating videos for those who constantly use their phone is a perfect way to speak to this audience. The rise in these trends come from more consumers wanting to watch videos whilst on the go. In addition to this, many find it a little tedious having to constantly read long articles on their phone, and they’d much prefer to digest it via video.

You can tell any story

The use of video content marketing has been exceptionally welcomed by the way one can tell any story of their choice. Whether it’s to promote a product, service or person, the ability to tell the right story has never been so achievable. Using the right producer will help to ensure that the story is told perfectly from start to end. In order to convey the messaging in the video, the producer may choose to use certain effects, sounds and props which will all contribute to keeping the consumer engaged and focused. Another big thing to remember when telling a story is that you must always consider video length. Knowing how long the video should be in order to tell a certain story can often be difficult and may present as a great opportunity to reach out to a professional video content producer.

In conclusion

The possibilities of creating fun, engaging, insightful and useful videos are practically endless. In a world where most of us are heavy consumers of videos, it only makes sense to give your customers what they want. For more information on the usefulness of video content marketing, or to speak with one of our skilled video producers today, please feel free to get in contact with Fizz Content Agency on 03 9988 7736. If you’d prefer to leave an enquiry instead, you may do this via our contact page.

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